Sabrina@spazuminator.localhost.jpg is a photo file not a mailto tag

The following photo file name was interpreted as a “mailto:” tag by LibreOffice Calc which is most likely a shortcut for auto populating text with the “@” symbol by default …


However, this is a JPG photo file on my harddrive, not an email address. Also, since the program “thinks” that my piece of data represents something entirely different, it causes this error when I control-click the link created by this behavior, which in my case BOTH are undesirable.

image description

How do I change this behavior ?

The answer to how do I turn OFF automatic hyperlink formatting of text also applies to Calc.

Any processing of identifiers needs to apply a syntax. In specific automatisms like automatic creation of links relies on some assumptions. (Otherwise the software would create an even bigger mess by pretending to be “smart” or “intelligent”.) As you find obove the software of the askbot also “recognises” the part containing the @ as a link.

Thus: Do not use special characters in chosen names. It was a “criminal” mistake by designers of operating systems to not standardise a simple and mandatory syntax for filenames avoiding this kind of issues (or to omit previously existing approaches to it).

Thank you for the C.I.S. lesson, I received my education back in '92, and obliviously, things have changed since the days of M.S.DOS.

All I asked was how do I change the behavior of Calc, because I have a REAL need for my file naming scheme which might not be apparent.

If there are no solutions than to otherwise change my file naming conventions, then I could accept that answer as well.

Would you mind to
-1- explain how I am supposed to understand the term “C.I.S lesson” ?
-2- what REAL needs can there be to use the @ inside a filename despite the fact that this way you get strings matching a common “recognition pattern” for mailto: links though meant to be tails of filepaths?
If you actually want to omit link recognition follow the hint from the comment on the OQ by @Mike2 Kagancki .

Did you notice the fact that also the forum software used here (That’s askbot, not something by the DocumentFoundation!) “recognized” a mailo: link where you posted the filepath in yopur question?
I cannot change common conventions about how mail addrsses are recognized. You can probably change your “private conventions” concerning filenames.