Safe offline installer for Windows XP?

I need to install LibreOffice on WinXP, but the options for doing so are all unacceptable:

  • The “Main Installer” is a torrent, which means I’d be getting portions from anonymous machines, many of which surely practice poor software hygiene or are actively propagating malware.
  • The “PortableApps” version is for portable devices; I want my installation stationary, stable, and designed to be configurable for one machine.
  • The “AppUp” install requires the use of Intel’s AppUp service, whose privacy policies and forced automatic-updates (according to its terms of service) are not compatible with my software-installation policies.

I found an earlier query (“offline installer for Windows XP?”, 8 May 2012), but it merely pointed to the download page, whose options I’ve already listed.

Isn’t there a basic download capability offered by a trustworthy website without pernicious terms? If not, is there a DVD that can be purchased from LibreOffice or another reliable vendor?

After reading mariosv’s reply, I realized my problem was the GUI violations in the download pages. They present button-like objects that aren’t buttons, and use invisible links that only appear when you mouse-over. Perhaps webmasters can fix this misleading GUI?

First the mains installer it is not mandatory to be a torrent.
In click on Main Installer not in (Torrent). They are different downloads.

Here you can find all versions to download:

The last stable is

The difference in clicking on “Main Installler” and “Torrent” is really a VERY tricky one and I wonder if this can be improved.

You can download an iso image directly from’s server here

(just click on the text LO-3.6.4_English-NA-DVD_All-Platforms_Multi-Lang_plus-extras_v1.iso)