Same background colour from different paragraphs styles are joining themselves

Hi everyone.
I have two own different paragraph styles (Title1 and Title2) with the same background colour.

When I write the text, apply TItle1, write the other text in other line and apply Title2, the background colours joining themselves and remais an one colour block with 2 differents styles.

Title1 has spacing of 0,4 cm above and bellow paragraph. The Next Style in Organizer Tab_ is Default Paragraph Style.

Title2 has spacing of 0,3 cm above and below paragraph. The Next Style in Organizer Tab_ is Default Paragraph Style.

I uploaded a picture of the “blue block”. Please, disregard the text. I gave some instructions in the picture and did draw the white line(bar) between the paragraphs, what I think it would be the normal behavior.

In my opinion, should be to exist an empty space (a blanket line) between the paragraphs.

Thanks for your help.

You could add a white border to only the bottom of the paragraph style Title 1


@EarnestAl Thanks for your answer. Too simple and very useful. I completely forgot the borders.

You could create a frame with the area color (background color) of your choice for your two paragraphs.

Then, place a third paragraph style between them with a white area color. Type a space in this paragraph so it has content but nothing visible. Play with the font size of the middle paragraph and the above and below paragraph spacing of any or all the paragraph styles to get the look you want.

Thanks for your answer. I think it will be very useful too. In this text that I’m writing, the simple suggestion gave by EarnestAI will work. But, I’ll do yours too. I’ll leave it in stand-by.

Don’t use frames unless it is “logically” necessary. Frames bear no ordering relationship with main text flow. This leads to weird behaviour viz. TOC and numbering amongst others when frames contain headings which must absolutely remain in a specific order to be meaningful.

Thanks for that information, ajlittoz.