Same font, same Font Size, different look

I have a strange thing happening with text looking substantially different in different parts of my document, even though I’m using a consistent font and size throughout.

A lot of the text was copied in from a PDF->DOC utility (so there may be some formatting I’m not seeing).

If you look at this image, you can see the differences. All three lines show as Times New Roman 11pt. I typed the same line into each of three different looking sections by hand (if I copy/paste, the pasted text conforms to the surrounding area.

I’ve confirmed that all the settings I can think of (e.g., character spacing) are consistent for all three sections. I’ve also highlighted all three lines and changed fonts and sizes, and they remain proportionally different in all cases.

I’m stumped.

It is a setting in Format > Character.
CharacterPositionScaleWidth.odt (34.8 KB)

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That was it – thanks!