Same header margin each page?

I am running LibreOffice on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

I haven’t made any custom settings and my document is in the default settings (the one you have when you open a new document). I was testing the print function on LibreOffice but the line where the first sentence starts on page one is not the same starting line as on the second page when printed.

When printed, the second page’s first line starts way above (almost to the top of the page). However, print preview shows that they’re supposed to be starting on the same line.

Is there a setting I have to configure?

Are the paragraph styles all the same in your test? Are page styles all the same?

I have this same question. I settled a page with default style but left and right different content. For a reason I cannot understand, I get different margins and this is not what I want. I can see that the page top margin is still the same on left and right pages (1.25 cm), but next to it, the page height is 27,21cm at left and 26,8cm at right. Why ? How can I apply the same height for both pages?

@Guilevar: upload your file or a sample reduced to the minimum needed and I’ll have a look at it. You can’t attach a file to a comment, so, though it is against the rules, use an answer for that and i’ll delete the fake answer afterwards.

@reist, Are you printing in a duplex printer (with a different paper size set in the printer)?