Same page margins left and right


I have this annoying problem that my page top margins are different for left and right pages eventough I have set them to be equal. As such, when I print something everything on an even page is shifted one rule down as well as the footer text.

I’ve measered it manually and on odd pages the top margin is 2,00 cm, on even pages it’s more like 2,3-2,4 cm.

Is this some kind of bug as I’ve noticed this in several documents? It’s the same if I print this with LO 4.4 or 5.0.

Please help me because I need to print my document in a decent way.

Here are my page layout settings:




I’ve found out the problem: it wasn’t due to libreoffice but my hp duplex printer, it turned out the pages which are printed in verso are printed a bit higher than normal hence the seemingly different margens. I

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