Sankey diagramme as a new kind of diagram in Calc

Hi and have a nice 2024 year,

Just to propose a new type of diagram.
A Sankey diagram.
A process flow diagram :).

Or, feel free to tell me if there is a way to do this kind of diagram in LibreOffice :).

Thanks for your time.
See you soon.
José from France.

Please, I have found this (2010) with Draw.

Not very convenient but could be a way

Sorry not LO, but python & matplotlib


Hi @karolus, thank you for sharing this excellent reference.

As you know. Maplotlib is not a common tool.

I hope, one day we will have an easy-to-use solution in LO Calc, or a tool as Math.

(I understand that we cannot use MatPlotLib in LibreOffice :slight_smile: )

Happy 2024 year. José