Save a document as a pdf

Hello, I am still fairly new to Libra Office. I am trying to save a document as a PDF, but I don’t see that as an option. Can anyone help! Thank you.

Try File>Export As>Export as PDF

I took the liberty to change your tag base (meaning an issue with the database frontend component) to common (an issue with all LO components as you didn’t mention the “nature” of your document; Writer, Calc, Draw, …).

When posting here, always mention OS name, LO version and save format.

File – Export will save the file to any format avalable in the dropdown menu of the file picker. It includes PDF.

File –Export As is dedicated to exporting to PDF or epub. (Yes, you are right in wondering why LibreOffice needs these different ways to do the same).

There is a button on the toolbar to export (directly, i.e., without changing options) to PDF.

Finally, a golden tip: LO nowadays has a HUD (Heads Up Display, or perhaps better, a Command Popup). It allows to search for a menu entry.

Hit Shift+Esc. Type PDF. You see the menu commands that contain the string “PDF”. Click the one you are looking for.

Because Export directly invokes the system file dialog for various export formats with defaults and Export as PDF allows to tune all sort of settings that are not available for any other file format?

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Thank you so much. This was very helpful!

@erAck As far as I see, File - Export, then selecting “PDF” shows the export options just like File - Export to PDF does. The latter first shows the options dialog and then the system file dialog. So both ways are identical.

@Vanadium the different ways are to make users’ lives easier. The most generic way of editing ODFs is opening a ZIP, and editing the XMLs in a text editor; but LibreOffice offers multiple tools that all duplicate this basic way. There is a way to re-type everything in caps, but it is easier to FormatTextUPPERCASE.

The direct PDF entry is in the same line :slight_smile:

@mikekaganski Your example is not quite representative. Two menu entries to the same function, versus using a function instead doing something manually are different cases. Nobody’s life has been made easier by a cluttered interface.

Note that current question is about someone not even finding either of the two menu entries nor the button in the toolbar.

Have you made a comprehensive analysis on this, including investigation of the commit that introduced the function, users’ expectations, and the problems that arose from this? I consider any claims that generalize this much as harmful, spreading disinformation.

Then don’t add clueless comments that provoke the discussions that you consider unrelated. If you comment like you do, just accept the reactions.

Thank you so much for this. It was very helpful!

Thank you very much for your response. I appreciate it.

@mikekaganski I will retain the freedom to react against criticism on my answer if I consider the argument unjustified.

Re-reading your “Note that current question is about …”, I realized that I could misunderstand it. I thought that you meant to say that the question is about someone not finding the function, and thus you thought that my comments were off-topic. Re-reading it, I think that it could be different: that you pointed out that the menus were not found, which did not mean my comment was off-topic, but simply served as a proof that these menus didn’t help anyone.

In this form, while I still disagree with the conclusion, I apologize for answering in the tone I did.

@mikekaganski You are welcome.