Save AS and Open interfaces different in LibreOffice Write

I don’t quite understand why I am getting two different “save as” and “open” forms when loading LibreOffice writer (5142) in Lubuntu1604 (sda) and UbuntuStudio 1604(sdb).

The computer setup is that there are two drives loaded with each operating system accessed via a grub 2 loader. Each drive automatically mounts the other during loading. The issue I am running into is that both leafpad on sda and 5142 on sdb has a more diverse “save as or open dialog” that displays anything that is mounted. 5142 on sda has a save as or open dialog which only allows you to view the local home directory by places-mydocuments folder. It looks more similar to the LibreOffice documentation documentation for SAVE AS. I did find a workaround that you can cut and paste an entire pathway in the dropdown box of either dialog form. This could get pretty sloppy fast copying and pasting paths since I have many external drives that I also need to pull documents to modify.

Is there a way to change the open and save as dialog so 5142 on sda will look more like the version on 5142 sdb and leafpad on sda?

There is an option to use LibreOffice or System dialog for open/save.


I suspect that option may only be in the Windows version.