"save-as" completely hangs LibreOffice under Windows 11

I cannot save as any document, because as soon as I click on “save as” a typical Windows box opens, all content present, but I cannot click on anything and the whole application just freezes. The only element that I can interact with is to move with whole save-as window. Otherwise, I can only kill the application forecefully.
As this stands, I cannot use LibreOffice to do anything.

Using Windows 11, LibreOffice (x86_64)

I tried disabling network discovery as I found somewhere that this could be problematic with the save-as window, but this didn’t help.
The same save-as window in other applications (e.g. Paint) does not hang the application.

Any ideas, suggestions?

I have seen something like this at Win10 LibreOffice 7.3. Sometimes Windows-Explorer seems to stop working with LibreOffice-Office. But my sytstem didn’t freeze. I could cancel the SaveAs. All was well again after re-boot.
I noticed other ways of saving were possible, as my export-macros worked.
The work-around to save my current document was to cancel SaveAs, go to settings and select to use LibreOffice-dialogs instead of the own ones of the OS. As this change is in effect immediately, I can use SaveAs now… - and change back after reboot.
I’ve not seen this for some time. I’m not sure, if it vanished the same time I switched from an older Correto to newer adoptium-java. It should not be related, but who knows…

Thank you for pointing me towards the LibreOffice-dialogs setting. It it is a fine walkaround: I can save-as the file, although I have to say that the Dialog looks a bit archaic.

To clarify:

  • Whole system didn’t freeze. Just the application is frozen.
  • I can’t cancel. Killing the application is the only option.
  • Happens every time I press the save-as button, not just sometimes. Restarting the application or rebooting the computer does not help.

If it affects Save and well as Save As then see if you can add LibreOffice (soffice.bin) to your anti virus, anti ransomware Allowed List.