"Save as" dialogue disappears.

I have a Macbook Air running macOS Catalina ver. 10.15.3 and I’ve downloaded LibreOffice 6.2
I’m a power mac user with over 10 years experience with Microsoft Office, but I’m new to LibreOffice.
I can save a document by selecting “Save”, but if I try selecting “Save as” (to save it under a new name, for example) the dialogue doesn’t appear. Instead a colored progress wheel spins for about 30 seconds and then disappears.

This is the second time this has happened to me, this time about an hour after I blew the app totally away, got rid of any files I had created, and downloaded a totally fresh copy of Libre.

I suspect it’s a bug, or possibly an incompatibility with Catalina. Please advise.

Even if I open a new text document, type a few words, and then try to save it, the same thing happens.

I just discovered that I can’t even do an export (to save my work as a PDF), so I’m dead in the water.

Have you provided LibreOffice.app full disk access? You may read this https://support.intego.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016683471-Enable-Full-Disk-Access-in-macOS - or any other of the links on the internet on “How to enable full disk access”

PS: I don’t suspect a LibreOffice bug, but a security “feature” of macOS, which esp. makes it hard for users of non-apple-store apps.

That solved my problem. Thanks so much for your help!!

For the records (according to comment of OP]

Please provide LibreOffice.app full disk access. Follow the procedure described in your operating system’s (macOS) documentation.

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