Save as .doc not converting hyper-links correctly

After the conversion, and after re-opening the new .doc file created, I cannot see the hyper-linked words as blue with underscore (although when I hover or press ctrl+K I do see the link exists).

Frequently asked questions - General - How to open files from MS-Office 2007 or 2010 (.DOCX, .XLSX,…)?

Pay particular attention to the last paragraph.

And please write a bug report. Or check whether there is already an entry for it.


Filed a bug report, the other link you provided though doesn’t help me understand whats the problem?

Ah, sorry can you give the Link from Bug here, please. Edit your intial question. Thanks.

Not sure how to edit my initial question, its really small bug or annoyance that happens after converting to .DOC and nothing more to it really