Save As in Impress has no PPT or PPTX option on LibreOffice Mac What do I do?

I have LibreOffice for Mac OSX (just upgraded from a 4.0.? version) in the hope that this version would allow me to save or export to a Microsoft Office PowerPoint file format (I didn’t have the option in previous versions either). When I try Save As or Export from a presentation or a drawing I don’t get any options to save into Microsoft formats, only open formats. The Microsoft formats are things I can set options about in the Preferences, I can even set Microsoft PowerPoint to be the default format for saving a presentation - it makes no difference, the option is not there for that format.

What is going on?

Do I have something missing?

Details: Mac OSX 10.9.3, LibreOffice, Components being used Impress and Draw

Try upgrading to 4.2.x, latest is 4.2.5. I can export to PPTX on OSX 10.9.3