"save-as"-window shows no place "recent" (folder) in libreoffice although this place is shown in the dolphin file manager (kde/linux)

why? how can i show this?
its really a pita finding and clicking through all folders and subfolders each time from the beginning!


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Might be it is this helps:
Go to “Save AS”. There is a button for “Options” in the right upper corner. You could chose “Show Places Panel”.

that’s what i did, but it only shows in the left pane all other places (root, remote, devices). “recent” is missing!

it happens in all libreoffice apps (writer, calc, etc.). it only works in kde dolphin and other kde apps (kwrite)…

any ideas?

A screenshot could help, as well as the full copy of HelpAbout. Is it a LibreOffice own dialog, not the one provided by the integration?

i am using libreoffice, ui render, default, vcl:kf5(cairo+xcb)

see screenshot attached!

it looks like the bug here in kde: 406450 – "Remote" and "Recent" sections and "Trash" entry are missing in file open/save dialogs started by non-KDE Qt5/Qt6 apps

however i solved it in other apps (firefox/thunderbird) by setting “widget.use-xdg-desktop-portal.file-picker=1”.

is there a similar setting for libreoffice?

Have you configured Tools>Options>LibreOffice>General Open/Save Dialogs? The Use LO dialogs box must be unticked to display the “locations” in the dialogs.

Here’s what it looks like on my computer:

Fedora 39, KDE Plasma desktop, LO

See a different bug, but mentioning a need to use xdg-desktop-portal file-picker: tdf#159311.

yes i did, see my screenshot above: its the kde dialog, but place “recent” is missing. btw. also in your dialog you dont have recent folders shown up!?

Sorry, I didn’t read carefully enough. Usually, I trim down many “locations” because my workflow don’t need them. Effectively, I didn’t find any trick to add “Bookmarks” or “Recent” in the dialog. All I can do is add preferred folders or files to the “Places” list.