"Save changes to document before closing?" even when file has just been saved

Recently in Calc (latest version at 2024-02-10), I save manually (CTRL+S). The disk icon in the toolbar has no red dot, so I know the file is saved.
Then I go to EXIT.
The disk icon in the toolbar suddenly has the red dot to indicate the file has been changed and I am asked whether I want to save changes.

What is going on?

Did you print the file? It might be asking if you want to save the printer location and some print settings

Print document status can turned off or on in Tools > Options > LibreOffice > General > Document Status and unticking or ticking Printing sets “document modified” status
Help says:

Specifies whether the printing of the document counts as a modification. When this option is marked, the very next time that the document is closed you are asked if the changes should be saved. The print date is then entered in the document properties as a change.

There was no printing involved.

Without seeing the file, and knowing which version of LibreOffice and operating system you use, it is impossible to say something - possibly it’s a bug, happening with some specific set of data.


I just created a test spreadsheet with one cell filled, saved it and exited and it did not ask if I wanted to save.

The spreadsheet causing the problem never used to behave like that, but recently it has.
I’ll keep looking for clues.

And re.

That setting has always been turned off.

News flash: Just opened the spreadsheet again and exited - and it didn’t ask for confirmation to save. Arghhh! It hates me.