Save file without extension

i think it’s impossible to make libreoffice save files in a given format without adding the extension, so i would like to write a macro fr that. Unless there’s a solution using libreoffice as it is by default i would need the whole macro written as i have never studied even a bit coding in its language.

Switch off ‘Autonmatic filename extension’ in the ‘Save As…’ file picker, delet the extension if present, and do not enter ann extension yourself.
SaveToURL and SaveAsURL should not apply automatic extensions if I remember correctly. (Did not recently test.)

Oh! sorry - only seen your answer after revisiting… should have a habit to reload question when return to it after a distraction!

It’s easily possible. Just uncheck the Automatic file name extension checkbox in Save As dialog:

i’m using linux and xfce4, this option does not appear in my case

I also use Linux + xfce4 and it does have that option. Version: