Save item greyed out

I am having issues with my libreoffice (writer). Ctrl-S is greyed out, and I can only ‘save as’, which does work - and overwriting files is done with no problem. Files arent write-protected.

However I still lost a few hours work since I closed files thinking ctrl-s had worked.

This problem occurs seemingly with all documents and on several computers. I am guessing it might have something to do with my user settings since it occurs on multiple computers, but… really I am at a loss.

Context info:


language is swedish (since it bloody insists on installing that version…)

It looks like your SV Swedish install may be responsible… (but it may also be setup). Let’s see if I can give an answer that works for you.

  1. Check your OS setup & fix the locale if not correct
  2. You can download LibreOffice Still in many UI languages.
  1. It may be a good idea to first uninstall your current LO, then remove the Profile
    (when you uninstall, LO deliberately leaves the current Profile in place)
    (any current setup is re-used on a new install)
    (your setup is stored within your Profile)
    (your current setup may in part be responsible for these problems)
  2. now install the correct-UI LO (previous profile removed)
  3. (menu):ToolsOptions...Language SettingsLanguages
    (make sure UI & Locale are now correct)
  4. (if after all previous steps the problem continues)
    Set Ignore system input language in previous menu
    (AFAIK strictly that option is used when a user needs multiple input language keyboards)

  5. If the problem continues then report this problem as a bug

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Thank you. It seems the problem resolved itself on its own. Embarrassingly it might be that I was thrown off by the fact that save got greyed out after you save as, before you make any new changes to the document. I didn´t know that when I tested, which still doesn´t explain the initial problem. If it reoccurs I´ll follow your suggestions.