Saved a docx file, and it dropped all but 4 pages, goes from 300kb down to 100kb

I was correcting a paper for a friend, and saved it in .docx format. I ignored the warning Libreoffice gave me, and proceeded to save it in docx. Then as I reopened it, all was lost but the first 4 pages. It was 75 pages in the original. My changes were marked in green, but the passage that I corrected is not in the file anymore. Now I have to redo it all over.

This is unacceptible!

How can I save a file in the .docx format without Libreoffice screwing it up?

Component: LibreOffice Writer
Build-ID: 0a0440ccc0227ad9829de5f46be37cfb6edcf72
Language: German

There are numerous known problems with saving to non-native formats such as DOCX. Both this forum and others report instances of users saving a DOCX and suffering loss of data. Exactly what causes this data loss can vary considerably.

How can I save a file in the .docx format without Libreoffice screwing it up?

Try and keep the formatting and types of elements contained in the DOCX as simple as possible. The more complex the formatting and the greater the number of element used, the greater the chance of a problem being encountered. There are numerous accounts of the old DOC format performing better than DOCX, however I can’t really recommend using this old format, except in emergency circumstances.

This just happened to me and I lost important notes for a client. I had never heard of this bug. I really wish LibreOffice made more effort to warn us about this. This is very serious.