Saved changes moves the icon on the desktop now

The latest version of LibreOffice is resulting in their icons to be moved whenever a doc is saved with new changes. The program appears to be telling Windows to find a new place on the desktop, instead of maintaining the location that the icon was before the changes, any feedback?

Which version is “the latest”? I believe that it is tdf#119238, which is fixed in 6.1.3; and if I’m correct, then you are obviously not using the latest version, which is 6.1.4 at the moment.

Hi Mike, I was referring to version Now downloading 6.1.4 and will post an update soon.
Win 7 Pro-64bit

Hmm… should have had that fix already. If it has the problem, please file a new bug (mentioning OS, language, file system (I assume NTFS - but who knows), and file name just in case), and add the bug I mentioned to See Also.