Saving a libreOffice Calc document in excell format containing crillic symbols in script causes all that symbols turn to question marks

LibreOffice under Windows 8.1 Pro rus x64
when saving a document with script all the Cyrillic letters look like ??? and script is unusable

Please edit your question to include the following:

  1. Which “excell format” you mean? XLS? XLSX (which flavor - “usual” or strict)? XML (Excel 2003)? Or maybe CSV?
  2. Attach a sample document as it needs to be (with normal characters in comments) saved as ODF, so that others could save it to the excel format and test.
  3. Describe, what is the actual question you are asking the community of other users here? Don’t you need to file a bug report instead?

If you mean that instead of Cyrillic characters like Њжб you are seeing � � � � you have a problem in creating these characters.

� is the Unicode U + FFFD the replacement character. It is substituted for unknown Unicode characters. Are you using Windows to copy and paste to or from another program not set up to understand Cyrillic? Perhaps you are saving as a .csv file with a character set defined that does not support Unicode or Cyrillic.

We need more information to help.

The same problem persists in version under Windows 10 x64 ENG, this bug has not been fixed! I create a document in *.CSV file using words in Cyrillic russian language, in ANSI and WIN-1251 encoding. I save it several times and everything is fine with encoding, all words are readable when I open this CSV file in LibreOffice few times. But by some coincidence, after saving this document before rebooting the computer, after rebooting I open it and instead of all Cyrillic characters i see question marks - ??? Why developers still have not seen and can not fix this problem, 3-4 years later?! I’m shocked, I lost all the Russian text, I have to work in Notepad++ instead of this buggy/glitchy LibreOffice with unpredictable behavior. It’s absurd and sad! I lose a lot of personal time to re-editing the document.

But by some coincidence

Unless you describe in detail, what the “some coincidence” was, there’s nothing to do here. If you have set a wrong encoding when saving, it was a correct behavior.

Additionally, this is not a place where “developers can see” anything: the only correct place to report bugs, and track their fixing, is the project’s bug tracker, as described in this Ask site’s how to use documentation. Here you only ask other users for advice like “how do I do this most efficiently”.

It was the same encoding in the document, I did not change it on purpose.

“Some coincidence” was that I was saving a document at the request of the OS before rebooting the computer. And then I opened it and instead of the letters I saw question marks.