Saving a .odt as a .docx


I noted somewhere that Affinity Publisher cannot import .odt files, but they can accept .docx files and that LO can save as a .docx, which I did to my desktop. When I clicked to open the saved .docx file to see if formatting had transferred properly, the first thing that happened was that an OpenOffice dialog came up–please register. I was surprised, but discovered I had an ancient copy of OpenOffice on my computer, which I’ve never used.

Why did the attempted opening of the .docx file default to launching (a forgotten) OpenOffice app. when LibreOffice was open on my desktop and was the source of the .docx to begin with? What to do?


In your computer .docx is associated with If you aren’t using OOo then you should probably associate .docx with LibreOffice.

In Windows right-click on the .docx and select Open With > Choose another app. In the dialog that opens tick the box that says Always use this app to open .odt files then click LibreOffice Writer (and OK if needed).

On MacOS this link might help but it is for MacOS 10

The MacOS path seems to work just fine, it’s essentially Finder>File>Get Info.