Saving current Bible verse

I am writing a book about New Testament with LibreOffice Writer.

I want to put all my knowledge about New Testament in this book. For this, I am going to re-read the entire New Testament and note anything interesting I encounter during reading.

Not to forgot with which verse of NT I ended now, I need to store the verse number somewhere.

I have at least three options:

  • put the verse number in the document near the beginning of the document
  • put the verse number in the document near the end of the document
  • create a new custom document property to store there the verse number

Which of the three variants is preferred? Or may you suggest an another option or even another software?

Sorry, if my question is not quite on topic, I just don’t know where to ask.

On the basis of this my question, maybe we may create a new feature of LibreOffice? Maybe a button in toolbar to access custom document properties in one click? Can it be done with the current version of LibreOffice?

Here is one that has worked. It sorts collected verses with your notes on each verse, sorts in a Biblical order. And using your Bible page #’s shows how many pages to read per day to finish in a given time, a reading plan as to Paul’s Rom. 16.25-26, the 3 era’s groups, with many other options, helps, plans, chapter checklist, B-Day/Appt. reminder.

The data (current verse number) appears to merely be a reminder. So long as the user detail is filled out Writer will save the current document position. Where (beginning or end of document) the reminder is placed would seem less important than placing the cursor at this point each time a Save and Exit is performed. Alternatively the current verse number can be saved in a separate text file for convenience.