Saving documents with Dragon

I have Dragon 11.5 and LibreOffice 3.3.4. I can (so far) dictate text just fine, but Dragon does not seem to recognize the command “Save Document” or “Save File” or “Click Save” or anything else I’ve tried. I can’t figure how to either force a ‘click’ on the “Save” icon, nor can I command it to click the “File” drop-down, or anything else on the menu bar at the top.

See Also: this thread which mentions problems with commands. I do not have any answer to your question.

Detailed response here that applies to later versions of LO.

If there exists a free light-weight API for integrating Dragon into applications, it’s possible that someone may look into it. Accessibility is always an important issue, IMHO. But until then, this is not really a LibreOffice issue but a Dragon issue. That being said, if someone has workarounds or solutions, please share them.

Yes. Comment #5 in enhancement fdo#69039 (Support Windows Speech Recognition) provides the essential details / position. Until a cross-platform, standardised, open / free accessibility API (which includes speech recognition) is available the UNO API in LO will remain the use case. I am not sure what (if any) diference the recent IAccessibility32 integration has made to this position.