Saving keyboard shortcuts permanently

Hello everyone…I recently started using LibreOffice Version (Build ID: 58f22d5) as its a good alternative to MS Office as well its free. As I’m more of a keyboard user,I wanted to configure the keyboard shortcuts to my liking.I did this by

(Tools > Customize > Keyboard > Ctrl+K for the strikethrough option in both the LibreOffice & the Writer radio buttons)

as I was familiar by the same in MS Office. But when I closed & reopened Writer,I found that I could no longer use the shortcut previously assigned. I then redid it and saved it to a config file so that I could reuse it later.But even loading it still doesn’t work.

Any suggestions so as to make the configuration permanent? An update or something,perhaps?

I tested this with LO version 3.5.4 and under linux and 3.6.4 under Windows but only with the writer radio button. Ctrl-K worked as a toggle for the strikethrough format option even after closing and re-opening the writer file.