Saving list numbering and making text a different level of its outline numbering.

I am using LibreOffice version:

With the cursor I highlight my text. I use “Format”, “Bullets and Numbering”. I create my format. There is no apparent way to save it other than OK. When I try to make the next paragraph of my text a different level of my outline numbering format, tab does not do it, nor is there any record in Styles to do it. I cannot find my outline number format saved anywhere. How do I save my outline numbering format, and how do I change text to a different level of numbering?

The tab key increase the numbering level (shift-tab to decrease) only if the cursor is at the very beginning of the paragraph, otherwise it will just introduce a tab stop. To change the level, you can also use the corresponding buttons in the numbering and bullet toolbar that usually appears at the lower edge of Writer’s window when the cursor is inside a list.

You can “save” a numbered list / bullet format by defining a list style. There are several predefined list styles in Writer.

There is a chapter about numbered and bulleted lists in my free book about Writer, if you’re interested :wink: