Saving to a sub-folder

In LibreOffice ver on Mac OS Sierra. When saving a text document, is there a way to save to a sub-folder; for example, to /Users/myname/Documents/personal? The default folder “Documents” appears in the Save drop-down list, but I can’t get below it, to /pesonal. Thank you.

Does this /personal sub-folder already exist (it should appear in the /Documents list) or will you have to create it first?

ve3oat, Thank you for your continued help. I fear I have wasted your time, and I apologize for that. The difference here is Windows v Mac. I should have considered that before starting this thread. I have just downloaded LibreOffice onto a laptop with Windows 7, and sure enough, there in the LibreOffice Save & Save As dialog boxes sub-folders are easily displayed by double-clicking their parent. Not in LibreOffice on a Mac. If anyone knows of a way-around on a Mac, I’d appreciate hearing it. Otherwise, it’s just a nuisance. Regarding the create a “New Folder” option, I agree, it is not a big deal. Until recently, when I switched to a Mac, I had been using Microsoft since the days of DOS, and gotten pretty used to it. (I am told that at a certain age, making this kind of change is good for keeping the brain from calcifying or something, so one puts up with the nuisances.)

No problem @stefanmaine I have never used a Mac, but like you I started with DOS. DOS3, DOS4, got up to DOS6.22 and then switched to Windows. Hated it because I couldn’t control anything anymore. Microsoft just assumed that they knew better than I did. Life is like that.

Yes, Personal already exists as a sub-folder in the folder Documents.
I am brand new to LibreOffice, switching from Word for Mac 2011. There, at Save, beneath Save As and Tags, “Documents” appears in a slot (with an up/down arrow next to it to expose other folders). Below that slot there appears a list of sub-folders in Documents. I click on Personal, and then Save at the bottom-right (next to Cancel).
In LibreOffice, at Save>>Where, Documents appears, with an up/down arrow next to it which reveals, besides Documents, Applications and Desktop and Downloads (and a few others). None of the sub-folders of Documents appears in that list, and clicking on Documents in that list does not display them. There is below all of that “Recent Places” but as I have not been to Documents/Personal in LibreOffice, it does not appear there as a Recent Place.
You also asked, “will you have to create it first?” As you are undoubtedly aware, in MS Word, at Save, the option to create a “New Folder” exists. I do not see that in the LibreOffice Save dialog box.
Again, I am brand new to LibreOffice (which I already like). It is possible, even likely, that I am missing something. even several somethings.
Thank you for your help.

What might be missing here is the distinction between selecting a folder or sub-folder by single-clicking on it and opening a folder or sub-folder by double-clicking on it. In my experience you must open a folder in order to save anything to it, at least in LibreOffice. (There are exceptions.) So, try double-clicking on the Documents folder and you should then see all the sub-folders. Also, double-click on /Personal in order to save to it. That should work.

About creating new folders, some users would consider it much safer to use the system’s file manager to create a new folder, instead of trusting a mere application to mess with one’s file system. In LibreOffice you can apparently rename a folder but not create a new one. (I have not used MS Word since about 1990.)

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