Scalc: Ctrl D then immediately F2 gives empty field

1: Ctrl+D to copy data into current cell
2: F2 to edit the copied data
This gives an empty cell!

Already happened in LO 5.3, just tried 6.0.1 (Ubuntu 16.04 TLS, 64 bit), still there

Is this intended or a bug?

It is a known bug.

Thanks for looking up.

And fixed now.

Thank you. After 5 and a half years finally someone cared.

Thank you, I must improve my Google-Fu, somehow I was not able to locate that

Looks like a bug, the Input Line isn’t populated with the data that was just copied to the cell with Ctrl+D. Moving the cell cursor away from the cell and then onto the cell again is a workaround, e.g. CrsrRight, CrsrLeft

I unchecked the “Press Enter to move selection”, but that wasn’t optimal either.
Thanks for fixing the bug.