Scale factor in Draw

If I draw a rectangle of 1" high and 1/4" wide which would represent an object 6"high and 1.5" wide, I would like to have the position and size in my user dimension of 6" x 1.5" or a scale factor of 6:1.
I see no way to do this in Draw. Am I missing something?

Check Tools → Options → LibreOffice Draw → General: there is an Scale option. You are not limited to the offered list, you can delete what’s there and write your own.

Edit: If you don’t mind the Spanish screenshot:

I’m running ver and do not have Tools → Options → LibreOffice Draw → General.
I’ve downloaded Ver 4.3 of Draw Guide, but I don’t know if this correlates to ver of the software and cannot find this information anywhere.

I found my problem - I was in Impress rather than draw - thanks for all your help

After you open Draw (the menu is not available without a document), with Tools → Options you get a menu like the one you see on the screenshot I added to my original answer. That menu is there since ever, if you don’t get it, there is something wrong with your install.

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