scan feature does not recognize my scanner

Have an HP Envy Pro 6455 Printer/Scanner. When I attempt to scan, the system shows prior printer scanners that are no longer in use. How do I get the program to recognize my new printer?

Your operating system has to recognise the scanner. If it doesn’t then it cannot pass the full list to LO.


Your operating system has to recognise the scanner

That seems not to be the full truth. My operating system (openSUSE 15.2, KDE/Plasma) recognizes my scanner (Epson WF-4630 Pro) and scanning (via network) using xsane is no problem at all. Nevertheless, LibreOffice fails (i.e. it gets unresponsive until the process gets killed), since years and for all releases, when I try to use Insert -> Media -> Scan -> Select Source...


I have exactly the same experience on Windows, despite twain32shim.exe being present in the LO \program folder.

Are you plugging the scanner directly into the computer using the normal USB connection? If not, how does LibreOffice recognise the scanner?

In Windows 10,from LO Writer when I do Select source, I see Twain and WIA drivers for my Brother and my HP 9010 printers for WiFi and Ethernet as well as a Twain driver for an HP 8620 printer that died. The current connections scan from both printers.

In Linux Mint 19.3, LO 7.0.3 I can see only the Brother printer TWAIN driver plus the dead HP 8620, not the new HP 9010. In any event I cannot scan into Writer from Brother using Insert > Media > Scan > Request, nothing happens. I do have xsane installed and believe I have followed the Brother instructions. There does seem to be a problem in Linux when trying to scan directly into LO.

I think it is better scan to file from the scanner and then modify the scan in a graphics or an OCR program before inserting the results into LO.