Scan "Select source" and "Scan" is not working (writer)

Earlier I have used the scanning function without problem (LO writer,Windows 7 32 bit), but
now when I would like to choose “Select source” nothing happen and the program return
to the document editing. It is the same when I would like to choose “Scan”.
I wanted to test it in the calc program too, but there are the Select source and the Scan
menus not active.
What I need to set in windows or what I need to reinstall?
(I’m using LO and I have tested to reinstall it)
Thank you in advanced,

I have exactly the same issue Running Windows10. My “Textmaker” has no issues scanning.

I’m also getting this in Writer and Draw. Using LO (x64) on Windows 10, choosing “Insert>Media>Scan>Select Source” returns nothing, not even and error. Yet I’m able to select my HP 5540 scanner under Paint.NET 4.0.1

Select document to scan does not work anymore. Scanner does function. I used it in Photoshop. Is there a file type that has to be associated with scanning?

I got the same problem and i need that function to work to scan docs, In early version this function use to work fine. Is any one can help us to sort it out? Thanks

Unable to scan a document into Libre but my other word processor (Asphampoo Office) will accept the scan ok. Must be a software problem so from now on until I see a solution I will use the other program.