Scan string for unicode character

LO Calc is entering a Unicode apostrophe in manual text entries, rather than an ASCII apostrophe which I need for exporting in a GPX file going to Garmin Basecamp. I can change this using the menu item Tools>Autocorrect options, but this is not reliable for someone else using the spreadsheet. Using a macro, I need to scan for the Unicode character U+2019, and replace it with the ASCII apostrophe. What is a good approach for this?


Sub doIt()

doc0 = ThisComponent
rd   = doc0.Sheets(0).createReplaceDescriptor()
rd.SearchRegularExpression = True
rd.SearchString  = "\u2019"
rd.ReplaceString = "'"

For Each sheet In doc0.Sheets
Next sheet

End Sub  

There seems no longer to be a difference between createSerachDescriptor and createReplaceDescriptor.
You can also do it via the dispatch helper (slot machine). The code you can record to do it that way is much longer, however.

(Originally by @homefire Concerted from an answer to a comment.)
Simple Regular Expression. Thank you.