Scanning function freeze

I am running Microsoft Vista and Office 2007 programmes on a HP laptop. I downloaded Libre Office recently as a change over from Open Office.
I can scn a document/image into a Libre Office document but then the whole system freezes. The same thing was happening with Open Office. Does anyone know why. My antivirus software tells me my system is clear.
I would very much prefer to use Libre Office rather than microsoft, but I need to fix this glitch first.

This information is not enough to debug the problem. But the easiest workaround is to scan the image to file and then insert it into LibO.

I have a similar problem.

I have seen it in LibreOffice / OpenOffice in 2 cases (and in all versions I have tried), when trying to obtain a multipage pdf out of scanned images. Tried normal version and portable versions.

  • win xp sp3 32bit with 4GB RAM
  • win 8.1 64bit with 8GB RAM

My process:

  • I start with a blank document in Writer,
  • I change the page to A4, and margins to 0 on all 4 sides. The cursor is to the upper left corner of the first page.
  • I then go to insert picture from scanner.
  • I use a CanonScan LIDE TWAIN driver (default driver available on Canon’s website), but I replicated the problem using a HP scanner.
  • I scan at 300dpi the entire page.
  • on win xp 32bit LibreOffice freezes when the picture is imported, on win 8.1 sometimes the first picture import works but when trying it again it freezes. I need to kill LibreOffice from the task manager.

I can provide more information if you consider it necessary as I consider this bug to be important.

Hey, if it still happens for you, please write a proper bug report at