Scanning with Epson scanner in LO Writer crash

Running Linux Mint 18 64 bit for the OS.

My wife has been doing a lot of scanning in Writer (5.x) using an Epson flatbed scanner and the built in scanning interface in LO. This generally works well with two annoyances.

1 - after every 10 or so documents being scanned LO crashes. The work flow is create new LO Writer doc, scan a page, add a page break, scan a page and repeat until all pages of the source document are scanned. Then save the LO Writer doc as a PDF. As mentioned after about 10 pages being scanned into the LO doc LO Writer crashes. Has anyone seen something similar? If so were you able to isolate the cause and hopefully correct it?

2 - The first time LO Writer is loaded (or reloaded after crash) the scanning dialog doesn’t default to the full scan size for the scanner (e.g. US Letter Size in this case) so that has to be manually set. Is there any way to have LO Writer remember this setting or is that more likely something in the Epson software for the scanner?