Screen freezes during scrolling

I’m using a fresh install of Xubuntu 17.04 which comes bundled with Libreoffice

Whenever I scroll at a reasonably fast pace (such as skipping a page in Writer, or more than 100 lines in one go in Calc), the whole window completely freezes until I stop scrolling, then it redraws. It makes things unusable.

I’m using a Nvidia binary driver version 381.22. I’ve played with the hardware acceleration settings but nothing makes a difference. I’m using an unusual kernel due to the recent CPU (4.11.0-4-generic #9~lp1671360).

PC specs: AMD Ryzen 1700X processor, Nvidia GTX 1070 graphics card, 16 GB memory.

Any good ideas?

So when you stop scrolling, it correctly redraws the screen where it ends up? I suspect that this is by design, to allow faster scrolling in large documents, without it taking so much time (spent on continuously redrawing the screen). If I’m right it’s a trade off situation. You can either have a clunky scrolling, or you can have it jump quickly forward and back. I suspect the designers of LO smartly made it work quickly and this might be th effect you are describing. Faster box might help.

I am also facing similar issue on ryzen 5 1600 + GTX 1050 TI, everything else is smooth, the issue happens with just libreoffice suite, i am on windows 10 1703

Could it be that screen repainting is slow? Compare to the circumstances I describe here. Are you experiencing anything similar?

Solved the problem.
got the solution from here