Screen on Calc and Write, mavbe others, lit pixels are left behind

moving the focus to a different field would leave a partial “ghost” of several letters that moved.
The effect disappears if anything else is entered in that location, if the screen is scrolled or repainted for any reason. Does not appear in saved file.

Ver on Win11 home PC is HP…Intel UHD Graphics 605

Can you upload a screenshot image about it?

Thx. Found a glitch in video driver wk w mfgr.
I’ll mark it resolved.

Intel are pretty good with updating their drivers, have you got the latest drivers? On my Acer I had the latest driver that Acer supplied which was quite old; I installed the latest Intel driver despite the warnings and that solved many problems.

I assume that you have turned off the box that says Use Skia for all rendering in Tools - Options - LibreOffice - View.

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Thx I got into the drivers. Not resolved yet, haven’t the time. But that seems to be the issue.
And thanks for the reminder abt skia. Need to look at that.