Screen-tips in LibreOffice Writer


Is there any way you can add custom screen-tips (tool-tips/info-tips/hints/hover messages) in Writer as you can do for example in MS Word? My point is that I want to add some personal explanation of the word in a text but it should be hidden until I put mouse over that word. On mouse out the explanation should disappear again.

I don’t want to use comments.


I’m not aware of any dedicated tool, but you can get a similar result using references. With the text highlighted go to Insert → Fields → More fields → Cross-references tab → Set reference and create a reference writing the text you need on the “tooltip” on the Name field. As a side benefit you’ll be able to later cross reference the page with the marked text (the Insert Reference “type”):

Edit: fixed typo


Except the word “Reference” at the beginning, that was what I wanted.

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