Screen too small for LibreOffice?

Since the latest and greatest LibreOffice, version, LibreOffice doesn’t fit into my netbook screen anymore. (resolution 1024x600). Every time when I start LO, the height of the main window is slightly too big to fit into this relatively small screen.

This behaviour is not consistent, because when I open a document (doesn’t matter if it’s a .odt, .ods, .odb etc.) from within LibreOffice, this behaviour occurs. However, when LibreOffice is exited, and I open a document by clicking on it’s pictogram in a folder, LibreOffice starts up and opens with the correct size.

I reproduced it on a computer with a bigger screen, and I’ve noticed that when I resize the main window of LibreOffice, the height of the window doesn’t get any lower than 620 pixels in height. So I guess there’s a minimum screen size for LibreOffice?

My question is: how can I set a parameter so that LibreOffice can be scaled to 600 pixels in height, in order to make it fit again on the screen of my small netbook screen? I use this netbook very regularly for work when I’m “on-the-road”, and I use LibreOffice on daily bases. Although there’s a way to work around it, it’s very annoying.

Does anyone what to do? Thanks! :slight_smile:

I have seen the problem too and there should be an bugreport for it. Using LibreOffice on a netbook becomes better, if you use LibreOffice in full-screen mode. And you should remove all commands from the toolbars, which you do not need.

In the meantime I figured out where the problem comes from. When starting LibreOffice with the start centre, the problem occurs. However, when I start LibreOffice and skip the start centre (by starting up LibreOffice right away with Writer, Calc etc.), the screen will fit into a 1024x600 screen.

So… the start centre is not able to scale to 600 pixels in height. The smallest size possible is 620 pixels.