Scribens and Chrome and Libreoffice

When I try to run the Scribens grammar checker in LibreOffice I get an error that it only works with Chrome. I did not see anything about such a restriction on the download site for Scribens. Am I doing something wrong? I have the Scribens tag on the menu bar, and it appears to have installed the extension properly.

Just tried with a test box without Chrome installed, and I confirm that the extension is implemented to call a Chrome app using a command line like cmd.exe /C start chrome.exe -app="" -new-window --window-size=980,600.

After unsuccessful attempt to launch the aforementioned command, the plugin fails with this message:

image description

I suppose that the correct target for such a question is Scribens.

I have tried to use this extension and it simply does not work. Using LibreOffice in Linux. Installed OXT and restart Libreoffice. Scribens has been added to the toolbar but when I click on ‘English - Check selected paragraphs’ absolutely nothing happens. If as discussed above you must have Chrome installed and the click takes you off to the Scribens website it is totally not what I want. I am an Author and want to be able to check complete manuscripts. I think users deserve a better explanation of how this thing works, Scribens web site certainly does not help. I have e-mailed scribens for help but if it as reported I will be removing it. Are there any decent grammar checkers for libreoffice?

As stated above - Scribens uses Chrome to do its work.
There is nothing anyone here can do to change that.
There is an extension called Language Tools which I think incorporates grammar checking.
You may want to try that and see if it does what you need.