ScriptForge Library has crashed error

I have a simple macro that inserts a line and copies some values and formulas, and it has been working well, though it gave me confirmation prompts when copy and overwrite range, but was OK in ver 7.4, 7.5.
I got a fresh install of Fedora 39 that came with LO 7.6.2 and I get this error that ScriptForge Library crashed.

	Set dDoc = CreateScriptService("Document", "MyDoc.ods")
	cTdy = dDoc.GetValue("R5")
	dDoc.CopyToCell("gsm.M7:V7", "gsm.M6")
	dDoc.CopyToRange("gsm.M8", "gsm.M6:M7")

Where there any particular changes in ScriptForge in ver 7.6. I was reading what’s new but didn’t see anything particular. Error messange refers to CopyToRange (range is good and existing)

On one side, I do agree with all those who question the need to introduce SF at all. It doesn’t simplify things, just because it adds to the existing API, and more variables are needed to be memorized. They also have performance penalties, just because more intermediate processing…

But on the other hand, I see something on your screenshot, starting with the word “Maybe”. Did you notice it, too? If yes, did you follow the advise?


I’m asking first if it’s something obvious rather than a bug, since it was working fine last few versions of LO and Fedora, so I’m thinking it may be something with setup on my side

dont say! May the force not turn against you! :cold_face:

I guess, that SF has a problem when it copies a single cell to a range of two cells. Try to copy the cell and paste twice to single cells.

I’ve submitted bug report, and it has been fixed. This only affects versions 7.6.0- I believe it will be included in 7.6.5 version, as just came out and it’s not included

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