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The ScriptForge libraries

An extensible and robust collection of macro scripting resources for LibreOffice to be invoked from user Basic or Python scripts.

A welcome inclusion to improve programming/scripting/macro access for the community.

Sorry, but so far I can’t agree at all. Tried this multiple times since inception months ago and find lots of problems. Documentation poor at best. Samples either unclear or fail to work at all. No method so far to use something like MRI.

So far, I have yet to run one of my own dialogs.

So can I fix the dialog button graphic image display with them?

If it wasn’t for Andrew Pitonyak’s guides on Office BASIC and macros, I still wouldn’t have a clue what is possible with macros.

Access2Base was useful to me because of good documentation and real world examples.

The ScriptForge libraries have big shoes to fill before they are useful to the LO community at large.

After spending more time (than I should need to) was able to run a dialog I created. Turns the default Library of Standard means in My Macros. Now need to figure out how to run from document. Probably need a different Container. Documentation states if empty string then current document. Hasn’t worked yet for me.

This is a long road ahead.

Early days I suppose. It’s disappointing if the ScriptForge Library examples aren’t easily adapted. It would be handy if you kept a few notes for feedback and as the basis of a tutorial.

Anyway, the existing non-basic interface is too hard with few examples. (Demonstrated by experienced community members being unable to resolve the array interface in Call Python Macro using Array as Calc Function - #17 by flywire - details in my last comment of 22 August 2021).

Was just contemplating that.

For example this particular Helppage
there is a lot of nonsense on the page, unfortunately some of it is potentially dangerous nonsense
General Users should not cd programfolder except they know what they doing.

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Excellent tutorial-style presentation and sample files at

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You’re welcome to clone help - Gitiles and submit a correcting change to Gerrit, or edit the help page directly in Gerrit creating a change.

Sorry, but after my Base testing and this I have no interest in pursuing any further.