Scrolling through fonts causes crash

Scrolling through fonts in writer and calc crashes the app. Using Windows 7 and LO I think this is a bug just for me though :p. Can’t imagine that being a bug getting through the testing. Might be a font of mine doing some weird stuff. Is there a place where i can deactivate certain fonts used in LO? I have a CAD app that uses its own fonts so i dont want to damage that.

Thanks for your answers. This is how i got it to work for me.

when replacing the bugged font in options-fonts you can eliminate the bug

Have you try resetting the user profile?
Sometimes solve strange issues.

You might try:

Menu Tools → Options → LibreOffice → View →

Font Lists

☐ Show preview of fonts (disabled).

That does work. Thank you LO no longer crashes when scrolling through the fonts. Though it cripples the preview feature. Therefor I implemented the solution I mentioned.

I also had to do this to prevent crashes. I just started using LibreOffice today and the version is