SDBC driver for existing hsqldb

I’m using libreoffice, which i installed from buster-backports, in a debian buster i386 system.

I used libreoffice for a while without a problem, but when i installed a graphic card in my system, i couldn’t see any text only in libreoffice program. I decided to remove – purge libreoffice and install it again from backports.

Now libreoffice is working correctly, except that i can’t open an existing .odb file that has a hsqldb database. I can create new .odb files with new hsqldb databases and see the tables or forms that i create, but in the existing-old .odb file, i can’t see anything because of the message

The connection to the external data source could not be established. No SDBC driver was found for the URL ‘sdbc:embedded:hsqldb’

From inside the program i can see that i have installed the java environment. What can i do?

Also i copied an old libreoffice user profile, from a backup that i had, which didn’t solve anything, so i deleted the .config/libreoffice file and created a new user profile.


Error is typically a Java problem but it appears you have Java installed & selected.

You also state you can create new HSQLDB files & they work. Please insure they are actually HSQLDB files since starting with LO v 6.3 the new default is Firebird. If these new .odb files are Firebird, then possibly something to do with Java. If new .odb’s are actually HSQLDB, then possibly the old .odb may be corrupted.

I tried to create again .odb files with hsqldb but it was not possible. You were right, i can do it only with firebird.
Because i have multiple backups of the specific .odb file and no one works, i think that it is java’s problem not a corrupt file.
Do you think it will be a good idea to remove libreoffice from backports and install the stable version, to try and solve the problem with java?

Firebird does not require Java so problem seems to be Java. Don’t think reloading LO will help. You must insure installed Java is same bitness as LO - 32/32 or 64/64 (looks like yours is 32-bit). If not, trying stable version can’t hurt. Not sure where else to direct you.

I removed libreoffice which i installed from backports and installed the stable version. Now i can open my .odb files that have hsqldb.
I don’t now if this is a bug but i submitted a bug report.