search and get row number

hello i have 2 sheets in libre office calc. On the first i have cell A filled with namesmultiple times celll B filled with date and cell C filled with number 1 or 0, on the second sheet i have in cells B1-D1-E1-H1 filled with names but only 1 time and in cell A1-A2-A3-…-A# filled with date. Now what i am trying to do is to search on sheet 1 and find which row contains the name ALEX and date 01/01/2019. For example (in the images bellow) on the 2nd sheet for celll B2 i want to get back the number 15 wich refers to the row from sheet 1 that contains the name and date.

The best for me would be if there was a way so that in sheet 2 in cell B2 would get filled with the content of cell C from Sheet 1.

anyway this could happen ?
thanks in advance