search and replace " and " with " & "

Writer 6.4 in Debian, when asked to replace the 5 char string “ and ” with the 3 char string “ & ”, replaces and’s along with other seemingly random strings. Further, it doesn’t replace the leading or following blanks. How can I get around this. Note the prior version of Writer I was using did this correctly.

EDIT: Version LeroyG’s suggestion worked. “Similarity Search” was accidentally toggled on and not noticed (hence trying a literal find/replace with spaces too). However, I do see that even without spaces & checking whole words only & toggling off the similarity search it still skips the title at the top of the document. But that isn’t worth futzing around and spending more time on it.

Which operating system du you use?

>prior version of Writer

Which version?

Why do you include spaces in the "Search and Replace" function?

@sc-askliboquestions, Would you share a edited copy of the file with a few words plus the and in the title? To share a file, press edit below your question and use the paper clip.

I have to confess - after updating this question, I later realized that the “title” was actually text in a heading, not in the body of the document.

Try without spaces and checking Whole words only. (Version: (x86)).

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