Search and replace issue

I am using Libre Office 4.4 RC1 (but this relates I believe to all 4 series releases as it this does happen in the 3 series) Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon - tested on several machines.

I have recorded a macro which contains (amongst many small steps and search and replace routines) a simple search and replace - search for $ and replacing with z2z . I have Regular Expressions selected all other selections left blank

On small documents this works absolutely fine. But on anything resembling a novel the whole process takes forever and will actually grind writer to a halt. The controls will become unsreposive and a Force Quit is required.

I used to use this extensivley on previous releases (3 series) as part of a series of automated changes to format RTF files. I read the bug reports and some look like they should have attended to this problem, but in the latest RC it still exists.

Just to rub salt in the wound, I had occasion to do the same routine in the Latest OpenOffice, and it still works there just fine.

Is a new bug report required?

I have as a precaution created a bug report.

Bug Number