Search and replace manual page break

I have just downloaded Libre Office 5.2. Libre Writer still has the longstanding bug of not being able to search and replace a manual page break. It will find the page break in a search, but when you try to replace it the original page break remains.

Unfortunately, I cannot use Libre Writer because of this bug, and I’m still stuck with Microsoft Word. If you’d fix it, I’d even make a donation to the project!

(I understand there is an extension that supposedly does this, but it behaves in the same manner.)

The Alt Find/Replace extension works fine. You use \m in the Find field, and then you have to use the special remove flag, \r in the Replace field to take out the page breaks, with “Regular Expressions” checked. It’s in the extension’s comprehensive Help file.

Maybe you can find useful:

Alternative dialog Find & Replace for Writer (AltSearch) 1.4.1