Search and replace to apply a font attribute

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I want to replace all occurrences of this with this. Possible through the standard search/replace dialog? Or do I need something more sophisticated.

Or manually working through file. There’s always that.

Should be possible with standard search and replace, called Find and Replace in LibreOffice. Here is what to do:

  • Go to Edit > Find & Replace.
  • Enter this in both the Find: and Replace: fields.
  • With the cursor in the replace field, click “Format” toward the bottom of the window and select italic style.
  • Click Find, Replace, or whatever option you choose.

You might want to select “Match case” under the Find field and perform separate searches for “this” and “This” to cover cases where This is at the beginning of a sentence or otherwise capitalized.

By the way, Alternative Find & Replace for Writer (AltSearch) is an extension that provides more sophisticated find and replace capabilities.

Hope this is helpful.

Easy Trieve,
Thank you for formatting my answer. I don’t know how to do the formatting you used. Is there guidance somewhere about formatting and formatting customs for the forum?
It looks like you used this to format “this” in the second line and Find to format “Find” and “Replace.” But I don’t know the rules for when to use which type of formatting and what other options exist.
Anyway, thanks again. I would have contacted you directly if I could. – CC

You’re welcome. Ask uses a simple markup-up language. Click edit to open your answer and take a look at how it’s done. You can play with it, and then see below what happens in the preview. I mostly learned the things I know little at a time. You can click on the tool bar and it will insert things like line breaks. i.e. Bulleted lines have a single asterisk but only at the start of the line.

Two trailing spaces at the end of a line creates a line break (not a paragraph break, which comes from a blank line.) Most of this stuff also works in comments.