Search for cell styles applied using conditional formatting rather than manually?

Mojave 10.14.6, LO

I’m working on a database style Calc spreadsheet and am using conditional formatting to apply cell styles to rows containing items with less “in stock” quantities than are required, to change the row’s background colour in order to indicate that the item in question needs restocking.
E.g. if for a given item I only have 1 item in stock and I’m supposed to have 2, the appropriate cell style is automatically applied using conditional formatting to show me that the item needs restocking.

When shopping for items that need restocking I’d like to be able to search for each item with the appropriate “needs restocking” cell style, rather than having to visually scroll through thousands of items in search of the colour that represents said cell style.
However I’ve found that applying cell styles via conditional formatting doesn’t actually change the cell style- it only changes the appearance of the cell to reflect that of the underlying specified cell style, therefore I can’t use Find & Replace or similar to search for the “out of stock” cell style.

Am wondering if there is a workaround for this?
How do I get libreoffice to treat cells with styles applied using conditional formatting as actually having that cell style- not just visually reflecting the style- for the purposes of searching for certain cell styles?

Thanks as always.

Would filtering the data based on the criteria for conditional formatting work?

Never try to use the formatting properties as some data. The formatting properties are NOT data.

Use helper columns with calculatad alphanumerical values by same conditions what you uses for the Conditional Formatting feature.

Then you will able Search the relevant data or Filter the relevant rows.