Search if string exists in pre-defined range. If no, add said string to the range

Hi everyone,

I’ve been struggling to figure out a simple solution for an information processing task I’d like to do. Essentially, I am playing a video game where you are able to copy+paste details from items in the game, and these items have a large variety of attributes associated with them. When pasted into Calc, the output appears something like:

Item Level: 10
Type: Weapon
Damage Type: Fire
Increases life by 5%
etc etc

This game, however, has >1,000 different item attributes, and organizing these and running stats on them is challenging. What I would like to do is create a database of all the different item attributes I encounter. My hope is to create a Calc spreadsheet that can achieve the following:

  1. I paste a copied item into the spreadsheet in a specific place.
  2. The spreadsheet checks, one-by-one, whether the attributes the item has are already contained in a specific column.
  3. If yes, nothing happens. If no, the spreadsheet adds the attribute to that column.

Eventually, my hope is to make it also extract the value of this attribute and add it to the next blank row associated with that attribute, but I think I may be getting ahead of myself with this one.

A spreadsheet does not work this way. A database can be set up to reject duplicates.

Prepare an example of what you need to get as a result.

Gamer’s inventory. There must be thousands of different ones, each one mis-using some spreadsheet application.