Searching for a list style with AltSearch?

I’m working with:

MacOS X         10.8.5
AltSearch       1.4

I want to search for any paragraph using a list style which name is WW8Num1 which is present within my list style list.

For this purpose I use AltSearch as follows:

Search for:
    Properties > List Style > WW8Num1

which translates in:


and automatically turns on:

    Regular expressions

When I click on the Find button, I arrive on paragraphs which are using the list styles:

Numbering 1

but not:


How should I fix my search selection to get **exactly** the paragraphs using the list style named `WW8Num1`?

As I commented in your other question, if you are saving to the DOC/DOCX file format, you are wasting your time doing a find / replace on these styles because this is a factor of this format. Instead, use a file format (ODT) that supports list styles.

I clearly understood that converting to .doc format necessarily introduce the lack of named list styles. Now this question stands for a document which is under .odt format (now) and will stay under this better format :).